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Dec. 30th, 2010


Friends Only

Friends Only~

Comment this post and I'll add you, so you can see my journal!

Sep. 13th, 2008



    It starts in my heart, I believe, and travels through my blood until it reaches my mind. Sliding fluidly with a ferocity only captured by the adrenaline an emotion, hate, can hold. Fangs barred it squirms through the capillaries towards my memories, of a better time. When I could stay up all night with her and play chess, or call her on the phone and confess my worst fears. Now that is only a memory, and this serpent, this basilisk, wants to ruin that for me. It wants me to forget all about when we were friends, to surrender my hope that someday we'll be like that again.
    To wipe away my dreams of a best friend who is figuratively dead. A friend whom I trusted my biggest secret to but lost it all in a single summer. The one I miss every day, when I'm alone and on the verge of tears. When life doesn't go according to my plan.
    And this snake, this venomous, legless, lizard, will not allow me to have my friend back.
    Finally it has reached my memories, leafing through them like a stack of papers,for the ones that will leave the burns. Hot, angry fire will scar my thoughts of her and leave me to sit in the pile of soot that was, at one time, a very close friendship. But friendship is lost to her, and she only wants to better herself. Not once did she think about me. I blame the snake, now hissing triumphantly. The snake got to her before it found me. His jaw unhinges, open and waiting. Thoughts and opinions of my dearest friend fall into the pit. Darkness climbs in around them, and I have lost her.
    The snake is obviously not completely satisfied; I'm not completely ruined. It allows its forked tongue to slide from its scaled lips for a moment, tasting the disappointment. Quickly it pulls its long, thin body through my blood and down, down, down... To my heart, which seems to have skipped a beat or two, apparently watching, baited. Venom, fiery in my blood, begins to sink in. I feel it trailing along the sides of the serpent, leaking into my arms and legs, making them feel heavy. A solid mass of this venom floats, suspended, in my heart.
    But it doesn't want to kill me. No, it would never do that. An actual death would ensure an end to this torture, and the thirst for suffering has not yet been quenched. So it heads for my stomach, pulling itself through my ribs. It winds around my lungs on its way, leaving my breath shallow and hot. Sweat breaks out on my forehead and I can only wait. Beads of moisture that seem to boil.
    I hold my head in my hands, waiting for the attack. But nothing comes. I don't understand! I feel it sitting, heavily, right against my lungs. My fingers shake, every moment more annoying than the last as I wait for the nausea to ensue. But... it doesn't come in a single burst.

    The reptile sleeps now, coiled through my body like the wires of electricity through a house. The fangs are poised against my stomach, but not permanently. With each passing hiss, a snore, from my enemy, there comes a slight tightening of the coil. Scales flow over my insides as I feel the animal writhe, laughing in its slumber. At some point I will explode, inwardly. My heart will collapse, my stomach will shrink as I feel more and more sick, and my mind will crumble. The venom that sits in my veins will pour out through my eyes and mouth, and I will become dry. This will occur at the breaking point, at an undetermined time. I don't want to wait for it to happen, but I have no defense against the disease within me. The disease which robbed me of my best friend, who still calls sometimes to 'check up' on me and to inform me that her values have been lost as well as her self restraint. It kills me to know that this is the serpent's fault, that it chuckles in its head, dreaming of agony. But this is also her doing, I wager, for the serpent does not choose its victims.

    The victims choose the serpent.


Sep. 7th, 2008


The Lisp: The Movie

    Well, mrfreak88 wanted me to do a voice post, but I don't really... know how. So, instead of doing a voice post, I decided I'd post a video I did at the beginning of the summer. Basically, it is just me whining about my lisp. I look really red, for some reason, and fat. So like... here's a fun video of me ranting about how I can't say things with an 's' sound!

A video you will not soon forget~

Also, please don't expect a sequel anytime soon. Haha.

Sep. 4th, 2008


Writer's Block: Pleasure Your Mate Month

September is Pleasure Your Mate Month. Tell us: how do you like to pleasure your mate?
Well, I first like to [censored] slather [censored] jelly. Then, sometimes I stand upside down and [censored] eggplant [censored] like a chihuahua...

But seriously... what is UP with this question? lolz


Sep. 1st, 2008


Just got back...

    So I just got back from a weekend trip to see my grandmother in West Virginia. I know, amazing. You'd be suprised at just how boring that really is. I spent a total amount of two and a half days doing basically nothing. I did, however, fit an ENTIRE season of Heroes into my weekend, which was good. I want to pick up on the third season when it starts in September. Great series, really. I wish I had magical powers... The mind reading and telepethy thing would be quite nifty.
    Now I'm home, and I have to do my homework. Yes, I know. I procrastinated on my first weekend during the school year. I'm basically destined to fail. My homework for this three day weekend contains a large collage of things that describe me as a person (I plan on having fun with this one) and a family snapshot and what it means to me and what it is and how it was taken. The first project is for American Cultures, and the second is for Intro to Photo.
    On Friday I was called down to the office and they informed me that I was transferred out of Chemistry. They let me choose my substitution classes and I chose one half year of Introduction to Photo and one half year of Painting. I can't wait to get into my new classes because they're both so interesting to me. As I chose these classes I was wondering in the back of my head why I hadn't chosen them to begin with. Mr. Rupp, my teacher for both of these, is really cool. His classroom is GIGANTIC, and he always accepts my comments on things and builds on them; and he isn't afraid to disagree with me on what I think a photograph means. He said I should be caught up for the first week of school if I just do that snapshot project, for tomorrow.
    I kind of miss Chemistry. On the first day of school Mr. Irwin made styro-foam cups dissolve. Second day, he set a table on fire using a mixture of water and alcohol. Third day, he showed us how chemicals can get trapped behind contact lenses. I'm not going to explain the latter, but it involved food coloring and a lot of 'oo-ing and ah-ing'. But, I know that it was good for me to tranfer out when I did. There is no way I would have survived two science fair projects at the same time. I had enough trouble faking a single project LAST year. Besides, Mr. Irwin was kind of scary.
    I'm off to finish this collage thing. I can't forget all the different things I have to print out. I know a few of the topics I had to consider, but I can't remember all of them... I think I'll call Becca...

    So yeah, I'm back... thank god. Haha. :P

Aug. 28th, 2008


School is going...

    So I have officially suffered through three days of being a sophomore, and I must say that so far I'm unscathed; physically. Mentally, however, I don't know. My schedule worked out fine, except they STILL have me in Chemistry and I have tried very hard to transfer out but they haven't contacted me yet. All my classes are with my friends, and I like to know that I can go to my next class and see someone I know... and I'm meeting new people, which is cool.
    The bus thing is working out, too! I actually get to sit in the VERY back of the bus on the way home, and it's awesome because the back is so empty and everything. Sadly, though, I'm the last person to get on in the morning and off in the afternoon. I have to sit there while the bus goes FAR away from my house and does loop-di-loops and then slowly returns to my house. It's bumpy in the back; where the cool kids sit... haha.
    Other than that, I finished Breaking Dawn, by Stephenie Meyer. Great book... the ending was happy, but I couldn't shake the feeling that I wanted it to go on and on. I didn't want it to end, and I'm sad it DID end.
    At school today I met this girl named Bella. She's really nice, and has BRIGHT red curly hair, and she always wears very colorful and expensive-looking clothes. She's really nice, as I said before, and compliments everyone. Today in Geometry we had to build paper towers with only two pieces of paper and some paper clips. She kept saying 'you're so good at that' and 'oh my gosh, look how good he is at that!' and then she asked for my Myspace url and I gave it to her and then she decided she liked my hair so she touched it and I was like, kay. She's trying really hard to make friends, being that she's brand new to our school, and I don't mind being her friend because she seems really okay.
    As I was retrieving things from my locker today someone touched my hair, I turned around, and she walked by smiling... she keeps calling me pretty. I just return the smiles and say hi and stuff, because only yesterday (second day of school) this girl named Christin in our school (total bitch, slut, etc) came up to Bella in lunch and started cussing her out. Bella was crying in Geometry that day, and I felt really bad for her.

In any case, I'm making progress in school, it seems. I just hope this Chemistry thing works itself out as I obviously can't complete two full-size science projects simultaneously. That would suck.


Aug. 26th, 2008


First day of school; before.

    Well, in about half an hour I will be outside, waiting for the bus to pick me up. I'm really nervous about school this year, for some reason. Probably because last year wasn't fun in the least. I hope this one works out better. Mostly, though, I'm hoping my schedule doesn't change much. I have a crap-load of classes with my best friend, Becca; but I know they did something wrong with the schedule they gave me at the end of the school year last year. They gave me second period Biology and eighth period Chemistry. At my school you have to pass one year of Biology and THEN take Chem the year after that. They'll probably have changed it, I just hope they didn't have to move any of my classes around.
    Then, there's this bus crisis I'm having. It's kind of irking me that my bus is coming at 7:25 this year, being that school starts at 7:50 and I know it takes a while to go and get everyone on my bus route. I just hope I have some time in the cafeteria before classes start, is all. Then, for some reason, I have to sit on the bus for an extra half an hour in the afternoon and I don't get home till 3:25 (as opposed to the 3:00 of yesteryear). I just hope I can find a seat and I REALLY hope that this year is better...
    My stomach hurts; the obvious FIRST DAY jitters. I feel kind of sick, but I know it's only my nerves tying my stomach into a knot. Today is either going to be fun, or it is going to suck badly. I just hope it's the first and not the latter.

    In other news, today is my first day of Veganism. I plan to get a solitary bottle of water today, as I know I'll just be talking to my friends anyway... because I have A LUNCH WITH BECCA AND OTHER PEOPLE I KNOW. :]
    Just hope that my parents don't notice my new food choice, as they don't approve of such lifestyles...

Wish me luck, today is my first day of being a Sophomore... and maybe my last day alive...

Aug. 25th, 2008



     Well, I was recently told by one of my LJ friends that I should make a post where people can ask me questions! I thought it was a good idea, so that some of you could get to know me and vice-versa. Ask as much as you want, and as many times as you want. I don't mind answering odd or seemingly stupid questions; I like it~
    Just, make sure that when you ask a question (via comment) that you also answer the question you are asking according to you... I'll give you an example!

EX 1:
'What color do you like, Brandon?
I like green. O:'

EX 2:
'If you could be any animal, what would you be?
As for me, I'd be an alligator because I have razor sharp teeth and I'm amphibious!~'

So, yeah... just ask something! I want to know about you all, and I don't mind you all knowing about me~ <3

The Cat Returns~

    Okay, continuing on with my intense love of Miyazaki Hayao films, we have The Cat Returns! I just finished watching it, online for free (link at bottom of post) and I must say that I cherished every moment of it~! I always find an anime more authentic when it's in Japanese, and I honestly don't mind reading subtitles. Usually I watch my anime on Veoh, and I searched for a long time to find a good, full-length Ghibli film broken into a few parts on Veoh. For some reason it won't let me watch entire movies on VEOH TV, because I can't successfully download VEOH TV to begin with. Kind of angers me... I've been having uber computer issues just recently. Kind of sucks...
    But I did get to watch The Cat Returns after doing an extensive Google search. It was broken into four parts and showed up in basic Veoh quality, but I loved the movie so much! Cute main character, Haru... Handsome kitty Baron... Comedic fat cat Muta... :P
    I'd definitely recommend this movie to anyone who likes cute little Studio Ghibli films! I'm not gunna forget it anytime soon... and I'm still listening to the end credits as I type this; with the pretty Japanese music playing in the background. I don't understand the words, but I can be-bop along with the tune!
    Hmmm, I've been having a Studio Ghibli obsession lately; and I'm sure you're all tired of hearing about it. Haha.
    But, I'd recommend this film to anyone who loves anime, Miyazaki films, or cats!

Now, off to find another movie... hrm... what should I watch now?

The Cat Returns - Hayao Miyazaki - Studio Ghibli

Aug. 24th, 2008


Petty Nonsensical Irritants

    Oh, the title of this post has nothing to do with what is actually in this post. I just... stumbled across some Family Guy clips and one of them was labeled 'Petty Nonsensical Irritants'. Well, you know... I could turn this post into a random list of PNI's... I think I will do that; it seems like a good idea!

    Here they are, kids, Brandon's most hated PNI's:
       1. The filing of nails. Something about it... irks me...
       2. Noticeable facial-hair on women. Not that I'm sexist... there's just something wrong with a 'stache on a chick.
       3. Crime drama. I hate movies where the cute detective lady does her new partner who regrettably just joined her to solve 'the case'.
       4. Country music. Nothing says 'I love my country' more than a song about drinking and then having barn-sex! Yehaw!
       5. Winged insects. Buzzing noises bothers me... not to mention they're faster than I am.
       6. Bad places in fruit. I hate biting into that little portion of the apple that is not crisp and juicy; the brown mushy shit part...
       7. Oversized advertisement pens. It's great when I pick up a pen, take it to school, and find out it says VIAGRA on the side of it in bold letters.
       8. Die-hard console gamers. It pisses me off when someone yells Wii sucks after I explain that I just got to a new level on Legend of Zelda, Twilight Princess. Or, those people who are completely angry with me that I would 'stoop so low' as to BUY a Wii. Then they argue with me that Xbox 360 and PS3 are SO much better and.... *sigh*
       9. Excessive laughter at flatulence. Yes, fart jokes are funny. No... they aren't THAT funny.
       10. Ipods that have the steel back that somehow manages to obtain a bazillion scratches the day after you get it.
       11. Rulers without numbers. The ones where they basically say 'here's an important tool. Oh, but you do have to do SOMETHING yourself'.
       12. Protruding of moles. You all know that... one lady. The lady who has the moles that don't even look attached... the ones that look like they're just barely sticking to her. You just want to say; "Hey... maybe cancerous?" to her...
       13. The sharing of liquids during eating. Backwash, although sometimes invisible, happens when someone has recently eaten. Therefore, I can't justify sharing a drink with someone during a meal. It's... just... something I can't do. I'm sorry...
       14. People who, for some reason, dislike me because I'm a vegetarian. Yeah, that makes sense... They should definitely hate me because I'm partaking in something that has NOTHING to do with them. Jerks...
       15. Condescending older folk. That old guy who makes you feel like you're three years old? The one who calls you 'sport' or 'kiddo' and all you can think about while he's talking to you is how far you could get a pair of scissors into his ear. @_@;; Maybe that's just me...
       16. People in general. Ew. D:

What are a few of YOUR PNI's?

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